The oldest stereotype

It’s the one you’re born into. And it decides the course of most of your life.

Congratulations, it’s a boy!


It’s a girl!


How much of who we are is determined by our body plumbing system? Our behaviour, our attitudes, our dreams, our expression, our limitations, our identity. And yet, is it really a given that we have to live within the role that we’re born into?

Do we need to fit the oldest stereotype in the world?

I don’t think so. Join me in the pow-wow that goes on in this blog. I talk about gender stereotypes, shifting equations at work and in relationships and yes…a lot of male-bashing as well. I’m rattling the bars of the oldest stereotype in the world!

  1. No, i prefer archetypes and lots of them, not just M/F…
    its funny how some people describe themselves as male or female before anything else. i thought there may be a community somehere for those for whom sex and gender is not the most important thing. i was browsing on and found an asexuality meetup. funnily enough most of the members were there to seek the opposite sex for the most obvious reasons. i give up my search. sex rules. and thats why being identified as Male or Female is so important to our sex hungry world. i think if i ever start a celibacy group, i will be all alone in it.

  2. @ Swati: You just reinstated yourself as one of my living idols.

  3. all humans have the male and female within them, its just that some fail to see it and get called either chauvinist pigs or feminist freaks.
    such a confused world. no?

  4. @ thinker-girl: Yes, that about sums it up, I think. Welcome to XXFactor!

  5. I love your blog, and I hate stereotypes.. I am going to be with you in the bashing! 🙂

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