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Silver & Style At HippieHolly-SimpleSally's Place

I love silver. It’s so versatile! Rings, pendants, eartops, hoops, bangles, bracelets, charms, chains, necklaces, stone-studded, filigreed, engraved. The only challenge with silver is keeping it gleaming in a humid city like Mumbai. My open secret is to use ash (the kind that temples give you with kumkum; they’re available in stores if you ask for vibhuti). Scrubbing with coconut coir is even better than your fingers or a toothbrush or any other implement. It doesn’t scratch the silver but makes it gleam instantly. Drinking from a silver cup is said to calm fiery temperaments and promote good health. So, in a nutshell….I love silver!

Which is why, I found Hippy Holly & Simple Sally’s giveaway contest irresistible. The prizes are a pair of smoky-quartz studded eartops, filigreed hoops and a silver pendant on a woven-thread necklace (shown below). The challenge is to write how I’d wear them.

Here’s how I’d do it:

My current look is fusion with a lot of cotton/silk, Indian designs/prints on western garments and kohl’d eyes. All three pieces of jewellery fit the look perfectly.

1. The filigreed hoops are pure tradition. I’d wear them with my chikan-and-hakoba white kurta which is sheer and has a deep neck. I usually wear it with a navy blue singlet inside and team it up with dark blue jeans, mojris or embroidered chappals for a classy fusion look.

2. The smoky-quartz eartops, more versatile could look modern or traditional depending on what they’re worn with. I’d wear them with a full white chuddidar-kurta ensemble for a traditional look. For a modern feel, I’d team them up with  my block-printed miniskirt, a white singlet and black jacket with embroidered sleeves. Alternately, these could really work with a plain black blouse, black harem pants and a dupatta tied around the waist like a belt. Or a plain navy blue dress with other silver highlights in jewellery.

3. The necklace would work with all the looks I mentioned above. Independently, I’d also wear it on a plain tee-shirt with jeans/ cotton pants/skirts. The pendant looks detachable so I’d also try wearing the thread chain around my wrist with charms (or a lighter pendant or two) attached to it.

I found this blog mentioned on Purple Peep-toes (spreading the link-love, as they suggest!). If you like dressing well (but not outrageously) and with style (but not necessarily high expense), this blog is for you. Holly & Sally’s blog, on the other hand, appear to focus more on accessories and creative ways of dressing. I enjoyed the Back to Black (well, almost) post particularly for its grey/black/blue themed illustrations. Check them out and participate in the contest if you love silver too!

5 Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Sex & The City 2 Movie

If pop culture reflects the mood of the people, this generation is quite high on an oestrogen-and-botox laced cocktail. SATCmania is a phenomenon. I know I said I didn’t like the book much. The first movie was quite bad. Even the TV series that spawned the wave of hysteria petered out in a rather disappointing way (Alexsander Pietr what?!). I know it’s not smart, it’s not politically correct and yet I stay true.

The second movie is out and hits Indian screens in a few days. I’m queueing up for tickets as soon as they’re available. And this time, I’ve even actively looking for wonderful, fabulous, fashionable friends to go with. We’ll all deck up, wear insensible (and gorgeous) shoes, touch up our make-up every few minutes and scream and oooh in the theatre.

The last time round, there was a collective shriek from urban women worldover while the men struggled for cover. Well, you guys better shield your ears this time round. You’ve been warned. And in case you’re interested, here’s making sense of the phenomenon that has men baffled – Sex And The City!

5. The crazy costumes. SATC proves the premise that fashion is entertainment; humour, drama (even melodrama) and horror! From Miranda’s funny hair to Samantha’s bling skirts to the mother of all fashion screenplays…Carrie Bradshaw herself!

4. Priveleged whining – For the same reasons that a KJo movie is fun, for the same reason hundreds of Indian women tune in to the ‘K’ franchise on TV each day. Credit card overdrafts, catfights, relationship angst. The problems are magnified, too grand to ever happen to such mundane mortals as us and it makes us feel better that even Fabulous has problems.

3. The Old Girls Club. Yes, it’s bitchy, it’s sluttish, it’s venemously anti-male. Okay, modern female bonding rituals are still works in progress. They feel good anyhow.

2. Samantha Jones. She’s the ultimate fantasy. She’s bold, brazen, cares not a whit about what men think, is a great friend and dresses on whim. None of us could actually be her. Most of us have too much of Charlotte (prude) or Miranda (pragmatist) or Carrie (chicken) in us. But that wicked, whimsical streak in us all responds to Sam’s flash. Hooo girl!

1. Habit. The story has been done to death. Big-Aidan-Big-Aidan-Big-Aidan yet again. Gay men are either adorable or bitchy. Friendship lasts forever. Bad ex-es get their dues. Good ex-es come back when you’re getting bored with the current. Yes, yes, yes I know. But think of it this way. You already know the ways a ballgame can end. One side wins or the other or occasionally there’s a tie. And yet you watch each one with rapt attention. It’s sort of like that. It’s a chicklit saga on steroids. We’re hooked and we’re going along till the ride ends.

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