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Xena Was A Princess Too

Conversation with a colleague:


I think women (at work) come in two types. There are women like you – independent, strong-natured type…you know they aren’t going to burst into tears because you tell them you don’t like their work. Then there’s this other type you have to be careful around because you never know how they’ll react.

Just as an aside, I stayed in late at work last week and was travelling back after midnight when mum called to check where I was. The same person, with me, looked a trifle surprised and then remarked,

It’s just that, with girls like you, one gets the sense that you can take care of yourself and don’t need protection. Whereas with X, Y, Z…they’re like little kids, you know?

I suppose that in a world of princessess, some of us are Xena. But everybody has feelings and no one is completely invincible, you know?

Xena, holding her chakram

Xena, holding her chakram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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