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This I so have to write about, if for nothing else, but as a rejoinder to women who think like this, that there are women like me too!!!!!

SNC opens the morning boasting about his upcoming alumni meet in Goa. PJ Rani cuts in claiming to be his date and then advising him:

You should take IdeaSmith as your date to the alumni meet. No one will turn up next year!


Yeah, that’s because they’ll all spend this year trying unsuccessfully to date me and next year they’ll be too ashamed to show their faces.

PJ Rani:

That’s what I call an unbeatable ego!


Cultivate an unbeatable ego girl, and you’ll never suffer a broken heart! Men have been doing it for years!

PJ Rani:

Better to not have an ego at all.


Well it isn’t so much ego as loving yourself too much to let anyone hurt you.

Well, Samantha Jones of SATC kicks off by intending to go out and have sex like a man. I’ve decided to hit life’s craziness like a man (with ego, ego, EEEEGO!!!!) And so there.

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