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This I so have to write about, if for nothing else, but as a rejoinder to women who think like this, that there are women like me too!!!!!

SNC opens the morning boasting about his upcoming alumni meet in Goa. PJ Rani cuts in claiming to be his date and then advising him:

You should take IdeaSmith as your date to the alumni meet. No one will turn up next year!


Yeah, that’s because they’ll all spend this year trying unsuccessfully to date me and next year they’ll be too ashamed to show their faces.

PJ Rani:

That’s what I call an unbeatable ego!


Cultivate an unbeatable ego girl, and you’ll never suffer a broken heart! Men have been doing it for years!

PJ Rani:

Better to not have an ego at all.


Well it isn’t so much ego as loving yourself too much to let anyone hurt you.

Well, Samantha Jones of SATC kicks off by intending to go out and have sex like a man. I’ve decided to hit life’s craziness like a man (with ego, ego, EEEEGO!!!!) And so there.

Another Ex-factor

As we shuffled into the room, looking for our seat numbers, I was distracted by an excited voice calling out my name. Across the room was a bright-eyed girl waving. I flashed her grin and gestured that I’d talk to her after the exam. Buddy-girl wore a quizzical frown as she took the seat next to me and said, “Who was that???”

“Oh, the ex-girlfriend of my ex-boyfriend” I said airily. Both of us laughed for a good minute at that. Then she said, “She seems to be abnormally thrilled to see you.” “And why not?” I agreed, “After all we have a lot in common now.” I guess we always did. Your ex’s exes are probably the most sympathetic group you’ll ever find once you’ve broken up. Nothing bonds women as much as having a common point of male-bashing. I suspect the same is true of men.

Kidding apart, it has been a thing with me always…a zealous interest in the ex-es of my (now-ex) boyfriends. If I had my way, I’d interview all the exes of the person I was about to enter a relationship with, especially the most recent one. It doesn’t strike me as an odd thought at all. Consider that most companies like to check up with the old employers of a candidate they are considering. It provides a perspective on someone you don’t know that well and are having to form an opinion on, based on face-up impressions only.

When I think about it, I’ve always had a lot in common with the ex-es of whoever I was with. We do after all gravitate to a certain type of person and repeat that pattern in all our close relationships, mostly so in friendship and love. In fact, getting to know the ex-es of your current flame can tell you a whole lot about them. What they look for in a relationship…you can see that from what you have in common with all the others they’ve been with.

One guy had a string of ex-es who were all bright, friendly and fun (“over-excitable” is how he described them). Sure then, that was flattering that I was being perceived that way too. It did lead to some odd situations. When he broke up with his first girlfriend, a couple of us from his ‘gang’ rallied around and tried to make peace between the two of them. Then he ended up dating the other girl. So of course I had to endure his ex’s bitchy catharsis, while playing “I’m so thrilled for the two of you” to my other friend. And then they broke up and I had an overgrown baby (HIM!) to take care of, soothe his injured ego and get him to make peace. Then it was my turn and of course the other two (now –exes) took over my role. I wonder what they bitched about me. As it turned out, I hung onto him the longest but I’m the only one of them who didn’t forgive him in the end. I was speaking to one of them a couple of days back and she said…”I didn’t see you at his wedding”. “Certainly not, I don’t want to ever see him again” I replied, “What about you?”. She said (a tad defensively, I thought) “I don’t’ feel that way. He’ll always be my buddy and I wouldn’t miss his day for anything.” Don’t ask me why that hurt.

It leaves a positively foul taste in my mouth, the saints whose ex-es speak so glowingly of them. At least my other ex- was universally deplored by anyone who had once been close to him (and I uphold that truth now!) That’s about the only thing I have in common with his other ex-es as I discovered that he tended to like girls who were ‘tall and looked XYZ’. Superficial, asisine dunderhead…I’m so glad the other girls also had the same good sense to let him go.

I will admit that it always makes me feel a little better if my partner isn’t all that friendly with his ex-es. Aside from the green-eyed monster, it gives me a chance to play my martyred mommy role and ‘heal old wounds’ by making peace. Yup, I’m one of those hypocrites who advocate the ‘forgive and let go’ policy while not being able to do so myself. Ah, I guess we teach best what we most need to learn.

On the other hand, I am hypocritical enough to hate the idea of my current boyfriend getting too pally with my ex-es. As it turns out that has never happened. All the men in my life seem to hate each other on sight. I don’t know if I just attract such explosive characters or whether men are just naturally more territorial.

Of course there is that all-time nagging curiosity over what did go wrong in the earlier relationships. In my experience, most men don’t want to talk about this at all. It could be that the men I’ve dated have just had guilty consciences or perhaps they’re just the ‘leave your brains behind’ type. Why then, were they with me? Attraction of the opposites perhaps? Meeeooooowwwwrrrr….

I think an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend can reveal some pretty insightful things about a person that wouldn’t otherwise come to light. Certainly you have to discount any residual resentment or jealousy that may be festering in old wounds. However the question, is what your newfound love has done to evoke such sentiments in the other person. And useful to understand the shortcomings that he/she has that could hurt other people…after all, you’re going to be coming up against them yourself and forewarned is forearmed.

I certainly wouldn’t say that an ex’s sentiments should stop one from getting involved with a person one likes. That’s the ridiculous standpoint of someone who demands the truth but can’t handle it. If you’re as obsessed with seeing the real picture as I am, then you’ll have to prepared to uncover some nasty truths as well. And well, no one is a better source of truths, nasty and nice (but mostly nasty) than an ex.

Ever heard of the adage about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? I’d say “Keep your love close and their exes closer”.

Manual for Ex-boyfriends


Ex-boyfriend (Photo credit: xeeliz)

There used to be an ad for a shampoo on TV that went “Dandruff is like ex-boyfriends…keeps coming back!”

Of course I’m repeating myself. Yes, this is going to be a raving post. I don’t give a damn. So here’s presenting the must-read manual for ex-boyfriends. (How I wish I could enforce that!)

1. I am not your property. I was never your property. This rule was one reason we broke up. It can be a reason for you to visit a shrink. And it is a damned good reason for you to stop hounding me.

2. I decided not to marry you and have 2.5 kids. I decided not to date you. I even decided not to be nice to you any more. And I decided this around the time you decided that I was stubborn. What makes you think I’ll change my mind now? Also, if you dumped me, I’m definitely not taking you back. Remember stubborn…it’s a good word.

3. My love life/sex life or lack of it thereof is NOYB. That translates to None Of Your Business.

4. Your love life/sex life or lack of it thereof is of no interest to me. ‘Sympathetic ex-girlfriend’ is not a myth. It is not even a phrase in the English dictionary.

5. If you’re getting married, don’t be so juvenile as to send me photographs. And definitely don’t be stupid enough to send me an invitation. There’s no telling what I’ll do next.

6. My friends are attractive, intelligent women. They are also my friends. Hit on them all you want. It gives us plenty of fodder for jokes about you.

7. Oh yes, I’m aware that you’ve got friends too. Don’t send them to hound me please; they are the first suspects after a nasty break-up.

8. If you are nice to me, I may be nice to you. I can’t guarantee this. If you are nasty to me, I will be nasty to you. This you can have in writing. The best thing for you to do will be to get out of my line of sight and stay hidden.

9.Yes, there definitely is a reason I seem so much nicer after the break-up. Maybe it is because we’ve broken up.

10. A break-up spells THE END. You don’t have the rights you once used to. Deal with it, or I’ll have to spell it out. And that could get embarrassing. For you, that is.

Does anyone know why normal, reasonable intelligent men turn into either bullies or despos or slimeballs once they get the tag ‘ex-‘?

Let's talk about EX, baby!

I’ve written so much about my exes…mournful ramblings, sorrowful poetry and nasty comments in between posts. Now here’s a post dedicated to the people who were once close to me. After all, I keep making snide references to them as an undesirable species but well…some of them were human….almost.

There is family that you are born to and can’t do a damn thing about. There are friends you choose of your own will and discard or grow away from. And there are those your heart beats for (or more likely your hormones delude you with) and whom you rip your life away from. Ah….the world of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.

I think friendships apart, a person who has shared something with you romantically/sexually, has known you in a way that others just haven’t. Everyone who has ever been through a break-up knows just what a mix-up of emotions it leaves behind. But of course. How can you suddenly become indifferent to someone you have been really close to? It is hardest to forgive people you have loved; it is also toughest to forget them.

My first-ever boyfriend is friends with me today. We meet for a coffee every few months, catch up on each others’ lives and laugh over silly things. Today I can say that he is a great guy. Well, I’m a great girl too. Its just that we’re great as friends and not anything else. And it has taken us five years to get to this point. But I’m so glad we did. It is a long way to stop feeling bad and then another ardous journey to get to where you can actually feel good about the other person.

Then there’s the boyfriend from hell who is now thankfully the ‘ex-boyfriend-and-hope-he’s-in-hell’. I’d lie if I said that I don’t think of him. I have several fantasies about him, none of which involve him being happy. *smirk smirk* Well, I never thought of myself as vindictive or vicious. Ah, I have so much to learn….and experience is a bloody good teacher.

And not all exes need have been officially designated ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’. In these years there are several people who have swung alarmingly close and then for various reasons just faded out of sight. It isn’t necessary to sleep with a person or have a long-term relationship, for them to impact your life in a way that is different from the way your friends do.

The other day one of my friends told me that one of the guys I had dated had got married. I wasn’t sure how to react for a minute. I wasn’t jealous…not even the faintest bit. What I was, was mighty curious…about what sort of a hare-brained girl would want to do more than just idle with this guy, let alone actually marry him. With some people you just can’t help being absolutely vile and this guy was one of them. I rationalize my own cold-heartedness saying that he was a creep anyway. Still, I think he cared for me more than I ever cared for him and so with some lingering guilt I hope he has a happy life (just so long as it doesn’t cross mine!) Indifference is a novel experience for me…one that I could use some more of.

Then there was this funny situation in my last relationship. His friends liked me and I got along like a house on fire with them. I don’t even know what all of us were doing with a character like this guy….for all purposes he was just the common link between people who bonded at a certain level that didn’t include him. Of course he hated it but that’s a different story. I suspect that half the time I enjoyed hanging out with him because his crowd was so much fun…it felt more like my crowd than his. He tried quite a bit to fit in with them (us?) but somehow he stood out while I blended right in. I think what I was doing then was akin to a guy who likes women who challenge him but somehow still prefers a partner who is less in some way. Possibly the only difference between me and a male chauvinist is that I’m female.

I mostly like meeting someone who I’ve been close to this way, once upon a time. There is a savage delight in seeing that you’ve done better than the other and that he’s thinking of words like ‘comeback’. But I jest of course….there is more to it than that.

There are the jarring experiences, the ones where if you never saw the person again, it wouldn’t be a day too soon for you. But mostly, I guess people are just people. Time is a healer and once the initial fireworks subside and you are able to look at the bigger picture of life, it is even a good thing to catch up with a person who has known you so intimately and then hasn’t been around for awhile. It gives you perspective. I was 24 before I realized that my unpredictable mood swings are not so much my vulnerability as they are a reason for people to be a little scared of me. I’ve had good friends all my life and I always thought they didn’t understand me completely. People in my life who care enough are possibly reluctant to ‘rock the boat’ with the unvarnished truth. Only someone who had lost me for good but still had some sentimentality left could point this out to me. And that someone indeed was an ex-boyfriend.

There is closure too. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much baggage you are carrying until you meet the person who gave you all that garbage to tote around in the first place. Then you realize that you may as well put both him and your memories back where they belong….in the past. Occasionally, very occasionally you might realize that there are more ways than one that a person can be a part of you life. That is rare. But you never know. You just might get lucky. In a different way from when you were dating.

I have come a good, long way. For all my tomboyishness I had a naive fairytale dream of meeting my one and only true love and settling down with him in the suburbs and having 2.5 kids. Well there have been more than one, hardly any of them true and none I suspect, were love. I don’t think it is a bad thing anymore, no matter how it sounds. Each one of them has been an experience, a learning about myself and about life. How many would-be feminists realize that they’re almost worse than the men they battle? How often does a strong person realize how weak he is? Or a weak person, how strong she is?

My heart is a scrap-book of mixed memories.

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