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#SixWordStories: February 13th

Happy anniversary, lover.
Happy anniversary, liar.


Why Do People Get Engaged?

This week a couple that I’m friends with, brought the M-word into their relationship. He popped the question, she said yes. Then (as she put it), they fell somewhat silent, seemed to lose their appetites, finished a quick meal and headed home. I spoke to her late in the night and she sounded pensive, worried even. I remember the feeling. It made me think of my own and everything I felt and thought and experienced after that.

couple at nargile lounge

couple at nargile lounge (Photo credit: j.o.h.n. walker)

She said neither of them seemed to be terribly excited about it. At the same time, it wasn’t that their feelings for each other were in doubt. My first question to her was whether they had told their families. It wasn’t till I brought it up with her, did I realize the relevance of this point. Most Indian parents of this generation are alien to the concept of dating or being in a relationship, unless it is a definite (and rushed) predecessor to marriage. My generation on the other hand, is struggling with the imposed schedules, the expected ‘deliverables’ called engagement and marriage that are forced onto relationships that take their own time to mature.

I asked her to spend a few days thinking about their reasons to enter into the engagement. Why, I asked did he propose? And why, did you say yes? Was it the looming fear of loneliness or being ‘left on the shelf’? Was it desperation and not wanting to let a promising mate get away? Was it succumbing to familial pressure to get married, to the next eligible mate? I felt I should ask these questions to them, because nobody thought to ask me these things when I was engaged. The harshness aside, my relationship may even have been saved, if only I had more clarity on why we were doing what we were doing.

So I’m curious now. What kind of timelines do today’s urban relationships follow? There is the noticing each other and the gradual paring away of crowded interactions into one-to-one conversations. This is the Indian equivalent of ‘dating’. At some point, both people agree that they want to be in a relationship (or ‘exclusive’ as I believe it’s called in the West). This symbolizes the entire range from committed committed to lust-crazed to attached to just-for-kicks. At what point in such a relationship does one person decide to start talking about marriage? And what makes the other person say yes?

I don’t know what my ex was thinking when he proposed to me but my guess is that he got tired of fighting, his resistance worn down by tradition and family and society. Why did I say yes? Pretty much the same, I think. I was so tired, so overburdened and I didn’t think saying ‘no’, let alone ‘I don’t know’ was even an option.

It’s possible that both my ex- and I are chronic over-thinkers, that we were incompatible and that’s why the relationship did not last. Indeed, I see enough of couples around that seem to gracefully dance into the mating rituals and traipse off into happily ever after.

How, I want to know, do they do that? Dance is about timing and grace, isn’t it? How do you know when to step and when to hold back in the mating dance? How do you know to follow the lead, to turn or guide? I’m clueless.

The Complicated Matter Of A Simple Question

So I did the predictable thing. Waited till he got to visit the men’s room, switched on my phone and tweeted about it. Then, I spotted him returning so I switched off my phone.

Then, this morning, I updated my Facebook status.

Ideasmith is engaged.

Did you know, that comments on Facebook relationship statuses show up in two different lots? The same update of ‘X is with Y’ shows up on X’s friends timeline and on Y’s friends timeline. Facebook sees them as two different things so the comments & likes on each are displayed seperately. Of course, what’s really funny is that both X and Y are tagged in the relationship update and so each of them gets two sets of notifications. Like seperate congratulatory messages from X’s friends and Y’s friends. Bizarre feeling.

I’m blabbering. There’s little else I’ve been able to do since he popped the question. Oh, yes, did I mention that? There was candlelight, under the stars, facing the sea. There were flowers, roses & lilies, plenty of them. There was champagne. There was chocolate. There was sushi. There was a ring and the question.

My reaction?

“I can’t breathe. I..err…I need to eat something.”

Frantic gulp of the champagne. Vague thought that the knees must hurt in that position. Shiver because of the sea breeze. Wondering if my carefully applied make-up was running, then remembering it was smudge-proof. Then, belatedly realizing he was still on bended knee. And saying..

“Err, am I supposed to stand up? Oh, uh, yes, of course.”

like I was answering, “Will you have a starter too?”. To his utter credit, he didn’t miss a beat or even waver in that admittedly uncomfortable position.

This morning, he said, “You’re my fancy…” I waited, thinking he’d end it with “…girl”. Then, I realized he meant, “You’re my fiance!”.

That’s probably what they mean when they say ‘made for each other’. And before you roll your eyes, he says and I agree that – it’s only corny when it’s happening to someone else. 😉

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —— —

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The Past In 55 Words

Some 55-word-stories, related and un-related.


The past is a tricky creature. It never quite stays in its place, does it? It defines the path we take. It makes us who we are. And perhaps it says something about who we will be. Can we ever truly detach ourselves from our pasts? I think not. So I shrug and accept it.


She: I want to meet your ex-girlfriend.

He: What an odd thought! Why?

She: She’s your past and that’s part of you. Getting to know you includes meeting your past.

It’s to know why you like me. If she’s shy, I’ll know it’s my personality. If she’s sweet, it’s my attitude.

“CRAP” he was thinking.


“That’s her.”

“That’s her??? Your ex-girlfriend is gorgeous.”

“Not the way you are.”

“Right….you didn’t tell me she was so tall.”

“How does it matter? I think you are my perfect woman”

“One that’s shorter than you, you mean?”

“Quiet now…here she comes”

Pretty face, status symbol, too much attention. It must have been about his ego, then.


XX1: I’m glad to meet you!

XX2: Me too! I’ve been hearing so much about you!

XX1: We must talk about books. He said you have a collection!

XX2: I’ve got a book I hope you’ll like.

She’s just like me. Hmm…he’ll be a frequent furniture re-arranger. The same stuff but with a new look.


1 new message!


Hi, I’m disappointed you didn’t come for the engagement. We were friends after all. You could’ve left work early. Anyway, here’re the photographs. Wish you were a part of them.




Photogenic me? But I don’t have that complexion, do I? You always had a thing for fair skin. Congratulations Mr.Fair & Lovely.



She stubbed out the cigarette butt and gazed out of the window, running through the list in her mind. An organized mind aids good decisions.


  1. The Head girl
  2. The Beauty Queen
  3. The Campus Rebel
  4. The Business whiz-kid
  5. The Journalist
  6. The ex-girlfriend of his nemesis
  7. The Former Colleague

A collector of alpha females, she concluded.


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