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Spec-tacularly mad

I have a weakness for men in spectacles.

Maybe I associate that with intelligence. Maybe its my own Electra Syndrome playing out. But every single man I’ve ever dated has worn spectacles.

Does that mean I only attract men with poor sight? Sheesh…wonders that does to my ego, but I’ll shrug that off, I only said I’m attracted to these men…those who find me attractive may be a different breed altogether (which may explain the disasters in my love life).

Let’s think…were they all near-sighted or far-sighted? Haw…my internal cynic guffaws, they were all self-sighted…with a universe that stopped a few milimeteres from their noses. But seriously…I have no clue. Perhaps I should find out? Let’s see, I could probably compose a mail…

Dearly beloved Ex-

We are gathered here today to celebrate the death of a relationship that never should have been in the first place….errrm….

How are you doing? Are you as annoying as ever or have you managed to land a girl as yet? On second thoughts, don’t answer that.

Do you still wear spectacles? Or did I manage to cure you of whatever sight defects you had then? Or…horror of horrors…have you defected to those bizarre things called contact lenses? Yurrrgggh…I don’t even want to acknowledge you then, stranger.

But wait, come back and tell me…were you short-sighted or long-sighted when we were together? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Only a little nostalgic,

Yes, that might get them all started on a drive to mail me to the loony-bin. And then again, my madness never deterred anyone from dating me. (One guy used to introduce me as “This is Ideasmith; she’s mad.”)

I guess the bespectacled ones do like my madness. It’s probably a case of a mad professor and his beautiful alien. 🙂


More stereotyping

I was a trifle disappointed that this post (lying in my subconscious for over a year and in my drafts box for a few days) got so few comments. Mostly from women….and what they said was surprising. There was one man and what he said was surprising too.

Should I conclude that men are, in general, such egoistic creatures that they only enjoy reading about themselves? Or that they are too inhibited to admit that they enjoy the stimulation provided by semi-lesbian fantasies? Hmm…

Desiblogging classifies me as Bisexual…..aurrrgggghhhh….so much for trying to shatter the oldest stereotype in the world!! All I do is get slotted into another one. And coming out? Uh, no…I just haven’t had a chance to talk about it before.

I was most aghast and then amused when I looked at the sidebar and it looked like a Blogsphere Playboy-type of site. Still though, I like the title of Desi Devil’s post and certainly have no issues with the rating on the ‘Wicked Meter’!

So does that make me a tease, Devil?

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