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Are We There Yet?

I need love, love, love
To ease my mind
I need to find, find, find
Someone to call mine
But mama said
You can’t hurry love
You just have to wait

– ‘You can’t hurry love’ Phil Collins

But mama also says (someone else’s mama, my mum and I don’t discuss such things)…a married friend’s mama says,

Don’t expect any kind of sense for about 3 years. After that they kind of settle down.

Apparently PATIENCE is a virtue, a prized one for a woman. Me? I never met a man who didn’t make me want to tear his head off in a short while. Irrespective of how much I liked him. Men are like that. Born to annoy.

How does thou annoy me? Let’s count. (In no particular order of priority, they’re all equally irksome)

  • Committment-phobia
  • Control issues
  • EEEEEEGO (with a huge, big, monstrous, mammoth of an E)
  • Stubborness
  • Idiotic remarks
  • Juvenile humour
  • Bad taste in clothes, furniture, colors, everything!
  • The gall to comment on my taste
  • Screwed-up priorities (“Let’s go watch the match now!”)
  • Hormone surges (okay, cross that, it isn’t always a problem)
  • Bird-watching
  • Complete cluelessness about the concept of ‘Conversation’

And then suddenly one day, he turns around and says something totally stupid that throws you off your feet completely and it’s suddenly clear why you put up with it all.

Phewwww..*Deeeeep breath* I think I’m forgetting. I’ve never been high on patience anyway.

Some day, some day, some day I’ll learn to tolerate a man being a man. And not keep looking into those starry-eyes and asking,

Okay, have we grown-up as yet?

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