Daily Archives: October 8, 2007

So yes, he does feel?

I underestimate the depth of men’s emotions.

Spoke to someone I’ve known for a long time, recently…after awhile. Our last interaction was interesting but in line with my most recent defense mechanism I decided to do as I thought he would and filed it away as ‘nothing of consequence’. Now, years later he remembers and seems appalled that I haven’t given it more importance.

Ugh. I may be more intense one but there’s something to be depth of emotion. Very different things. So the old adage is true after all. Women are more expressive and hence able to ‘get it out of their systems’ faster than men. Read an article somewhere that implied that this was healthy as well since women who repressed their expression were prone to high-level health disorders, while men weren’t.

So I reserve the right to my tantrums and mood swings.  But I stand corrected as regards the authenticity of male emotions.

Oh deyaam…what happens to my male-bashing then, and what of this blog? 😉

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