Call the bluff on HOUSEWORK

The Guide:

Men approach the state of the house rather like the Three Wise Monkeys:
See no evil, Feel no evil, Smell no evil.


But you will notice, there’s no “Touch no evil“. Of course not, considering there’s a blanket assumption on all women being evil….and guess who is doing all the housework?

About IdeaSmith

IdeaSmith is the digital doppelganger of Ramya Pandyan (intrepid train-traveller and frequent spouter of post-midnight rhymes and rants). As IdeaSmith she battles obscurity and slays boredom with her stories about men, books, digitalia and Mumbai. She performs live and also blogs, tweets, Instagrams, Facebooks, +G’s, Youtubes and Goodreads all as IdeaSmith. Ramya is a blogger, digital storyteller and spoken word performer. She also runs a forum for aspiring writers called Alphabet Sambar. Tweet-bomb her at @ideasmithy.

Posted on August 13, 2007, in Battle of the sexes, On a lighter note.., XXFactor series and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. well there are those exceptions who really, really do a lot of the housework although CLEAR exceptuions they are….something in their ode?

  2. @ S: True. Rationally speaking, I think it has to do with how they’re brought up. But men like most domestic animals can be trained to good behaviour I think. 😉

  3. domesticated animal, I think I would remember this one… 🙂

  4. Keep focusing on your blog. I love how we can all express our feelings. This is an extremely nice blog here 🙂

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