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Narrow Escape

Oh brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I’m getting the new fairy-tales I asked for! Lady obliges with a new fairy-tale for the modern woman. Even if it does begin with

Once upon a time…

and ends in

…happily ever after.

Let me suggest a title for this one – Narrow Escape.

Call the bluff on THE MONTHLY VISITOR

The Guide:

The very idea of it makes men blush. There is only one thing worse: when men try to talk about it frankly and honestly. Then women blush.

IdeaSmith: Reminds me of a conversation with 2 male friends:

Man 1 (upon seeing grimace on my face caused by cramps): Bad time? Shall I get you some medicine? Uh, what medicine? Isn’t that called the Pill?

Me: No.

Man 1: But you look terrible!

Man 2: Laughter is the best medicine.

Me: I don’t want any medicine.

Man 1: But you look terrible! (like I didn’t hear it the first time….like I needed to hear that)

Man 2 (undeterred…but who says men listen anyway?): Why was there blood on the dance floor?

Me: I don’t know and I don’t care.

Man 2: Because Susie had her period!!! Hahahaha!

Me: *Slap slap*

Chameleon Boy

Yes, this absolutely deserves to be bookmarked! The Delectable Deb lady tells us about a new species of man that she encounters. We think that Chameleon Boy best describes our own attempts to define the strange species that we keep bumping into.

The main bone of contention as I see it is the fact that man in question has all said qualities to woo and attract us. But attraction, once accomplished and established leads to a dead end. So what is all the fuss and brouhaha about if not to be taken to a logical, productive conclusion? But all I hear is

I don’t know…

Why don’t men EVER know what they want?!!?

Curses on the heads of all confused, confusing Chameleon Boys/Bad Boys/Pedigreed Puppies/Toxic Men that make our otherwise neat and pleasant lives into messes like their own!!!!!!!!

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