Daily Archives: August 6, 2007

Not thinking like a man

Just found out that in a particular group of people I know, I’m the woman most men are attracted to. Does that make me feel good? Not. Not as much as it should, considering I’m sworn to thinking like a man. If I were to really think like a man, I should be elated at the notion that I’m the prime object of desire for most members of the opposite sex in a given sample. On the other hand I’m plagued by annoying thoughts like

So I’m the girl they all want to f@#$ but not the one they want to settle down with? Hmph.

I wonder why though. It isn’t even like I’d marry or even date any one of them. This thinking like a man business isn’t as easy as it sounds. And hypocrisy seems to be the only virtue that my generation of women holds dear.

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