A man who can render me speechless…for a minute

Watching Shrek 2

Me: Even in fairy-tales the ‘perfect guy’ is a mama’s boy!

Dad: We’ll see how you bring up your son.

Me: ………………………

Me: Maybe I won’t have sons.

Too late, way too late.

Chance pe dance kar….. seekha nahin ab tak?

Kya karen, yeh to hamare bhi baap nikale!

About IdeaSmith

IdeaSmith is the digital doppelganger of Ramya Pandyan (intrepid train-traveller and frequent spouter of post-midnight rhymes and rants). As IdeaSmith she battles obscurity and slays boredom with her stories about men, books, digitalia and Mumbai. She performs live and also blogs, tweets, Instagrams, Facebooks, +G’s, Youtubes and Goodreads all as IdeaSmith. Ramya is a blogger, digital storyteller and spoken word performer. She also runs a forum for aspiring writers called Alphabet Sambar. Tweet-bomb her at @ideasmithy.

Posted on August 5, 2007, in Battle of the sexes, On a lighter note... Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. whoa so after ‘cat and kitten’ sagas even daddy seems to be rendering ideasmithy speechless!

  2. @ byker7: Oh?

    @ S: Small wonder no, that I subconsciously seek men who have a similar effect on me? 😉

  3. “Indeed”, with reference to the universal phenomenon of fathers with razor edged wit.

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