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Tongue-in-cheek, Chronicus Skepticus tells us that,

I think boobs are a bad design feature. Really. I think I might’ve even been lesbian if it weren’t for boobs.

Hahahahahaha! That was so well put, I almost missed the full impact of her proclamation. I tend to agree…somewhat. Purely from the aesthetic point of view (now that the Aspirational Artist in me speaking…uh huh, spelt with capital As), the curves make for an eyeful. On the other hand, I’m with her on the rest of her statement – all the way. Never mind my unabashed admiration and my bi-curiosity, it doesn’t look like I’ll be turning lesbian anytime soon unless breast removal becomes a fad.

So yes, I think all of us might have been lesbian if we were designed differently. On the other hand, most men would have been gay if it hadn’t been for. And humankind would have died a conceptual death without ever having been conceived.

So never mind all the discomfort and getting in the way (yes men, sometime stop staring and ask a close woman friend how they really feel), forget about strap misadventures, corset asphyxiation (I’m sure a man designed these…a particularly sadistic, misogynistic man) wobble troubles and support mechanics. The damn things do serve a purpose after all.

I particularly loathe the ‘boob’ word. It reminds me somehow of the phrase ‘booby-trapped’ which brings to mind some gruesome images…never mind, let’s not even go there. Suffice to say, I don’t use such words. I just settle for the very functional and truthful…


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