Daily Archives: April 8, 2007


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Yes, I am back. Enough with the betting, I’m not a race-horse. But I don’t have to stop talking because of a few gamblers. I am fairly upset with the kind of behaviour I’ve had to deal with, as a result of this blog. I had a thought this evening though….I’m not (as some of my perceptive women friends say) a woman who loves men. I’m simply optimistic enough to keep looking for a man who’ll prove me wrong on all of my well-established-and-based-on-concrete-observations theories on men. So likewise, I’ve decided to stay an optimist and keep writing hoping that at least some of my readers won’t use this blog to torment me. If you’re reading this (which I am sure you will, eventually), you know I’m referring to you. Have the good grace to leave me alone and find your entertainment elsewhere.

On that fiery note, I’ll end this morose post. I’ll be back later this week with my brand of female fire.

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