Daily Archives: March 23, 2007

Hello to a fellow non-stranger

She is someone I’ve seen around in the places I frequent. We have several common acquaintances in this easy come-easy go world. But we’ve never made an acquaintace here.

Now, when I read a post by her that echoes my mind so much and makes me think of all that runs through my mind when I write on XXFactor, I think that’s also a reason to lean across and say hello!

So, Compulsive Confessor, here’s saying hey there, I know you and I agree with what you’re saying.

– IdeaSmith

After all, while you’re in a I-hate-men mood these days, I’m in a make-sure-I-get-some-bloody-value-from-their-existance phase. If the crib-fest leads to a new hello, well, that’s certainly good value!

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