Occasionally nice

Sometimes men can be awfully sweet. Especially when you aren’t well and moping and if you usually aren’t the ‘delicate darling’ sort. Some try to cheer you up. Some actually listen to you without interrupting or changing the topic.

Trouble is they’re so horrendous the rest of the time that you have to be horrible back to them to get them to behave.


About IdeaSmith

IdeaSmith is the digital doppelganger of Ramya Pandyan (intrepid train-traveller and frequent spouter of post-midnight rhymes and rants). As IdeaSmith she battles obscurity and slays boredom with her stories about men, books, digitalia and Mumbai. She performs live and also blogs, tweets, Instagrams, Facebooks, +G’s, Youtubes and Goodreads all as IdeaSmith. Ramya is a blogger, digital storyteller and spoken word performer. She also runs a forum for aspiring writers called Alphabet Sambar. Tweet-bomb her at @ideasmithy.

Posted on December 15, 2006, in Battle of the sexes, Hormone hangover, On a lighter note... Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. hehee too suspicious. Not happy when men are bad. Not happy when they are nice.
    Very rational is womankind.

  2. @ DC: Well, there is such a thing as discipline. Men follow the rules as long as you lay them down at the start and insist they stick to them.

  3. What’s that on your shoulder?? Hmm… looks like a chip.

  4. @ Eye-roller: Dunno…you’re the eyeball swiveller and the absolute expert on human beings apparantly. You tell me.

  5. I don’t comprehend what Rolls eyes meant! What’s with the chip!?

  6. @ Brad: I don’t understand either. Lets all of us unenlightened mortals wait till he rolls his wise eyes in our direction and shows us the light.

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