Men-bashing on Monday

I was invited to a party. Then someone asked me out and persisted till I said yes. Then he backed out. Bloody man.

Then I found a date and figured a good woman friend was loads better than the toxins called boyfriends. Till she called me a day earlier to apologize and tell me that her husband was whisking her off to a hill station for the weekend. Hmph….and he really is too nice for me to call him any names. Bah…I’ll call him a man, that’s bad enough.

On Sunday I sat down to plan my trip to Kolkata, the city I’ve always wanted to visit, next weekend. Friend had a big date, I had a big yen to see the city so off we were to go on Thursday. Then friend called telling me that her ‘appointment’ in that city fell through because he was leaving the city early….so the plan’s off. 

Its official. Men are the root cause of all evil in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About IdeaSmith

IdeaSmith is the digital doppelganger of Ramya Pandyan (intrepid train-traveller and frequent spouter of post-midnight rhymes and rants). As IdeaSmith she battles obscurity and slays boredom with her stories about men, books, digitalia and Mumbai. She performs live and also blogs, tweets, Instagrams, Facebooks, +G’s, Youtubes and Goodreads all as IdeaSmith. Ramya is a blogger, digital storyteller and spoken word performer. She also runs a forum for aspiring writers called Alphabet Sambar. Tweet-bomb her at @ideasmithy.

Posted on October 30, 2006, in Hormone hangover. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. WO(E) MAN!

    The invitation stands! Cheer up!!!

  2. Hey! You refused to meet somebody who traveled across the seas, coz’ you were in an ‘asocial’ (it’s not anti-social) phase! I think, it serves you right! 😛

  3. Brad: Oh, be quiet!!!!!!!!! The man in question was playing hide-and-seek with me with multiple identities…..only I’m allowed to do that!! :p

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