Daily Archives: October 20, 2006

More stereotyping

I was a trifle disappointed that this post (lying in my subconscious for over a year and in my drafts box for a few days) got so few comments. Mostly from women….and what they said was surprising. There was one man and what he said was surprising too.

Should I conclude that men are, in general, such egoistic creatures that they only enjoy reading about themselves? Or that they are too inhibited to admit that they enjoy the stimulation provided by semi-lesbian fantasies? Hmm…

Desiblogging classifies me as Bisexual…..aurrrgggghhhh….so much for trying to shatter the oldest stereotype in the world!! All I do is get slotted into another one. And coming out? Uh, no…I just haven’t had a chance to talk about it before.

I was most aghast and then amused when I looked at the sidebar and it looked like a Blogsphere Playboy-type of site. Still though, I like the title of Desi Devil’s post and certainly have no issues with the rating on the ‘Wicked Meter’!

So does that make me a tease, Devil?

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