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Not a feminist

The next time someone calls me a feminist, please remember you read this here first. Also, credit where its due, I got it from this guy, who has made some pretty piggish remarks but like most men, has his sane moments I suppose.

I’m putting this up because
a. I wholly subscribe to the thought (the first link)
b. I’m fed up of being slotted into a man-hating feminist image

I crib a lot about men, but well I also crib a lot about my friends, my job, my family…and hell, I actually have no complaints about any of them! I don’t believe in equality. When each of us is unique, how on earth can we be equal? Its individuality I’m talking about and the freedom to express it.

And just for the record, I think that men:
– make great friends
– are terrific to work with
– are the ones you do fun, adventurous things with (picnics, treks, arguments)

And women:
– also make great friends
– but better listeners
– are terrible to work with (mostly….)
– are the ones you do fun, sentimental things with (conversations, giggling, shopping)

Having an opinion doesn’t make me a feminist. It makes me opinionated.

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