Daily Archives: March 3, 2006

Appointment with Dr.Love

Chatting with my cousin who’s in the middle of the placement week in top-notch b-school…

He says that the international companies were all looking for women this year. All the women on campus had the most offers and best paychecks. I smirked when I typed “Maybe we just are superior”.

Truth be told, I’m surprised. After all, equality aside, purely on the basis of statistical evidence, a female employee is more likely to quit to get married / start a family / join husband in his new place of work.

He says “There are girls who are aggressive in their careers but don’t know for how long.”

That is a good statement, I think. Very indicative of the Modern Woman.

Yes and well, not all south-Indian men are MCPs. And not everyone related to me by blood is judging me. And not all men are assholes. I did have a fun conversation with my second cousin, more interesting than the ones I have with some of the people I’ve grown up with.

I tell him that I’m Dr.Love, the counsellor to the lovelorn, the healer of broken hearts. He asks me for my professional opinion on his case which is a girl he’s seeing who’s on an exchange program and who isn’t responding to his mails anymore. Aha! I rub my hands in glee and jump into action….errr…..the amateur shrink’s chair. So I run him through my battery of questions, thought-exercises, conversational tricks. Ten whole minutes and a detailed analysis (including a flow-chart for various scenarios) later, he guffaws and says “Pretty good Dr.Love…you’re certified! I know who to come to if I ever get into that situation”.

@#$%&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why I say….never trust a man!

Now he wants to sign off for dinner but promises to be back in 30 minutes. I tell him “Make it an hour” to which he retorts, “What am I to do, sit in the dining hall for 1/2 hour longer alone?” I say “Yes and find yourself a girlfriend to torment you so you have a fresh case for Dr.Love”

I was going to say the last word is definitely mine but he said “I don’t want a heartbreak just because you need a practice case, Dr.Love” and he signed out. @#$&%$#@!!!!!!!!!!

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