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Men say the darndest things!

Three men, three situations, three conversations.

On a lousy Friday night, when I’m griping about the sorry state of my life, someone can make me smile..

Me: Brilliant! Where have you been all my life?

Him: Ever heard of the concept of a shadow?

Me: Of course.

Him: You got it. Goodnight and have a nice weekend.


And then sometimes I don’t know who the joke’s on….

He: So I’m standing there waiting for this guy to finish so its my turn. And he takes out a 100 buck note. I just pulled out a 10 and said “Take it, man, and leave!” He looked at me like I was crazy. Guess no one accepts money from strangers?

Other he: I would! No Sindhi will ever pass up the chance to get money for nothing!He: Right-on, brother..

Me: You’re Sindhi too? What am I doing in this jamboree?

He: Arre you are the achchar in this dal-chawal!

Me: Not the papad?

He: No, that’s me…you gotta be Sindhi for that!

Then there’s always Sagnik who likes to make evil statements couched in hilarity…

Me: I was talking to a friend of mine the other day..

Sagnik: I was also talking to a friend of mine the other day! See, we have so much in common!

Me: Oh shut up and listen…

Sagnik: Koff! Koff!…err..

Me: Yes..and..oh…KOFF! KOFF!

Sagnik: KOFF!KOFF!Me: Oh, I’m coughing too! Yes we really do have a lot in common! This is called “Koffin’ with IdeaSmith”

Sagnik: Yeah, I can just imagine…
*In TV announcer voice*

Presenting our first guest on Koffin’ with IdeaSmith…Shahid Kapoor
IdeaSmith says: Hello Shahid, you’re a jerk!
Shahid says: Eh, why?
IdeaSmith says: Because you are a man…*biff on the nose*
Presenting our second guest….yet another man for IdeaSmith to destroy

Me: SHUDDDUP!!!!!!

Sagnik: I bet you’re bisexual. I bet if you aren’t already, you will become one.

Me: How do you conclude that?

Sagnik: You’ll do it just to make your husband miserable. “I’m tired of you Mr…now its time for Mrs.”Me: #$%&*@#!!!!!!

Men really say the darndest things!

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