Just lying on my back
And watching thoughts stumble across my mind
I seem to have fallen into a habit of brooding

It starts with one annoying thing…that makes me see red
And I stifle it under the thin plastic blue tarpaulin that keeps out the storm
Disturbingly, it causes a bruise that turns purplish
Bottle-green dots of melancholy waft over and settle down
And stain my thoughts dull, dirty brown
Odd flecks of yellow hysteria sparkle here and there
Then they deepen to orange philosophizing
A lavender musical wave washes over the aridness
And leaves a gray granite shadowed black marble behind

Moods aren’t voluntary
I am just the mute spectator as the colours swirl around
And bind me in their compulsive rhythm

About IdeaSmith

IdeaSmith is the digital doppelganger of Ramya Pandyan (intrepid train-traveller and frequent spouter of post-midnight rhymes and rants). As IdeaSmith she battles obscurity and slays boredom with her stories about men, books, digitalia and Mumbai. She performs live and also blogs, tweets, Instagrams, Facebooks, +G’s, Youtubes and Goodreads all as IdeaSmith. Ramya is a blogger, digital storyteller and spoken word performer. She also runs a forum for aspiring writers called Alphabet Sambar. Tweet-bomb her at @ideasmithy.

Posted on January 19, 2005, in Hormone hangover and tagged . Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Why do you ‘stifle’ that one annoying thing that makes you see red?

    Confront it, and surmount it; you’ll have one less red thing to see! And the other hues won’t even emerge.–>

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