Daily Archives: August 14, 2004

And you called me a loser..

Am in one of those dark moods today that usually follow a rain or precede it.

I’m thinking of words that were said…just words tossed out on a moment…engraved inside my mind, where I’ve shut the door on them firmly but obliterate them…never. Things that were never spoken of, but implied so very clearly…so much, that my reply shall also come, implied but never spoken.

Someday, some faraway day, some peaceful, happy day, I shall forgive.
But forget, never.

You called me a loser
And you said I would never get anywhere being this way.
And you implied I was weak
Since you knew I wouldn’t defend myself

Well……I still don’t.
Since I’ve been ‘this way’
And gotten to where
You ask me how I do it.

And that is my final reply.

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